Product Suggestions

I’m keeping a track of product suggestions submitted by readers / users / forum buddies etc.

If you have access to Microsoft Connect, I’ve linked below to the suggestions I’ve posted – you might vote for them if you agree.

  1. Take COGS from the actual Receipt if using Purchase Order Commitments.
  2. See Chequebook ID on cash receipts enquiry window
  3. Show GL distributions in expanded mode.
  4. Batch Posting Control.
  5. Auto Deposit Cash receipts in Bank without using AA
  6. Additional Descriptions on Inventory Transaction Entry.
  7. Alternate Currency Formats for a single Currency ID.
  8. Customers email address on Picking Tickets.
  9. Multicrrency Cash Flow Forecast.

Or – visit Mark Polino’s blog where he has started a post selecting one suggestion each week!

Or enter your own suggestions here:

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