Posted by: IS | April 21, 2014

Dynamics GP Workflow 2013 SP2 – Due days problem

Came across this issue on a client site recently. Difficult to track down, and we went around the houses for a few weeks! The upshot is that the Due Days on tasks do not update correctly if the task is progressed through SharePoint. If the task is updated through the Dynamics GP 2013 interface, all is well.

Bug diagnosis:
When a user approves a Purchase Order in Dynamics GP, the system assigns a due date for the approving tasks based on the time limit set in the approval workflow setup on the Workflow configuration site [The correct behaviour], but if a user approves a Purchase Order through the Workflow tasks site, the system assigns the same due date as the date the Purchase Order was submitted.

So, what does this mean for Dynamics GP 2013 users who are running [for example] a Purchase Order Approvals workflow?

The first step is creating the Purchase Order in Dynamics GP and submitting it for approval. All good, a SharePoint task gets created with the correct due days and is routed to the first approval level. An email goes out to the approver notifying them that there is a Purchase Order awaiting their approval. They have a choice…skip to the Workflow site direct from the email and approve the Purchase Order…or log into Dynamics GP and approve the Purchase Order there. If they skip out to the workflow site and approve the Purchase Order, it will error out and reset the due date to be the same as the original submission date. The task then becomes stranded and the document cannot be progressed. If they log into Dynamics GP and approve the Purchase Order there, there are no issues.

This is a bug, and don’t hold your breath for it to be fixed. With the upcoming new workflow system in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 – this bug becomes irrelevant as the whole system is being redesigned and SharePoint is being dropped from the equation. Hence…don’t hold your breath. If you are currently running workflow – then you have a problem. You need to approve Purchase Order’s through the Dynamics GP interface.

Rider!…This may be related to instances where there are multiple levels to the approval matrix, but to be honest we haven’t had the time to fully define the issue and recreate it in a clean test environment. I’d welcome all and any comments.


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