Posted by: IS | February 11, 2014

GP 2013 SP2 – Manufacturing – Labor code radio buttons missing

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 – there is a ‘bug’ in the Manufacturing module Labor code maintenance window. The Radio Buttons for selecting if overheads are amounts or percentages are missing on the standard window. This is caused by the Tab Sequence on this window not being set correctly.


To correct this issue temporarily while Microsoft issues a patch – open the window in Modifier, [tools >> Customise >> Modify current window] and select Layout >> Set Tab Sequence. Now the fun begins.

Hit the tab key to start tabbing through the fields. Tab until the Fixed Overhead field gets highlighted. Now is the time to interrupt the tab sequence and set it straight. Double click the Fixed Overhead field [highlighted in Red above] until the Radio Group is selected [Tip: Double click the top right hand corner of the red box above]. Then hit tab. Double click the first Radio option, tab, and double click the second radio button. Then tab through to the Variable Overhead field and repeat. You will need to do this for the 4 Radio Groups on this window.

Once complete, click Layout >> Set Tab Sequence again. save and close the modified window and return to Dynamics GP.  Then go to GP 2013 Security – and grant the user access to this new modified window. It might take a few attempts to get it right. If you get tied up in knots, delete the modified window from Modifier and reinsert the original to start from scratch.

Also take a look at David’s post on setting tab sequences.


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