Posted by: IS | January 15, 2014

How long did it take us to figure this one out?

The Scenario: GP 2013. 2 Terminal Servers that all users use to access GP. They use the Transactions >> Purchasing >> Print Purchasing Documents window to print their Purchase Orders en masse.

The Problem: User opens this window, selects a range of PO’s…and clicks print. The print dialogue window opens as per normal and they select Screen / Printer / File…it doesn’t matter which. They click OK to print and….nothing happens!!

The Weird Bit: One domain User on one Terminal server…can print!! No one else can. It doesn’t matter what GP user ID they use to log into GP…It seems to be connected to the Domain User account. Go figure. Also – all users can print the alignment form from his window, or can go to the PO Entry window and print an individual PO there…but when it comes to printing a range of PO’s, nothing happens.

The Solution! [discovered by Babu] On the ‘good’ Terminal Server that users Date and Time format was set to US – this is the one that worked. On the other Terminal Server it was set to UK. All other domain users…were set to UK on both Terminal Servers. Changing any one of these to US settings – and they could print the PO’s.

The Competition: Guess how long it took us to figure this one out!

Update…..David Musgrave has a post which describes a similar issue and the reasons why!!


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