Posted by: IS | September 9, 2013

Purchase Order Prepayments – Dynamics GP 2013

Another cool feature and one no doubt driven by customer requests. In GP 2013 you can enter prepayments against Purchase Orders. These can be manual payments – or can be picked up by automatic check/EFT runs. If using the Auto Checks/EFT process, the PO appears like any other Supplier invoice and the resultant payment references the PO Number as the Document number on the remittance. When it comes to entering the Invoice[s], until the PO is closed, the prepayment cannot be assigned to unrelated invoices which makes sense.

To set up POP Prepayments go to the Purchasing Setup Window. Down the bottom, there are new fields added where you can enable this feature, add a password if required and dictate the Prepayments GL account to be used.

When in use, on the Purchase Order window – you will see a Prepayments field at the bottom where you can record the prepayment. A red hash to the left of this field tells you the payment hasn’t been made yet – it will disappear when the payment is recorded. Additionally, the GL is updated once the payment is complete – not before, which again makes perfect sense.

One issue at the moment is that the maximum prepayment you can enter seems to be the total of the line amounts. I.e. footer amounts like Purchase Tax cannot be prepaid. I can only assume that this is an oversight? I will update this post when I know more.


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