Posted by: IS | May 14, 2013

Business Portal for GP2013 – the skinny

RTM release now issued following the issue of GP2013 SP 1.

Its 64 Bit only and supported on Windows Server 2008 SP2 and 2oo8 R2 SP1 + Sharepoint Server and Foundation 2010.  (BP 6.1 will be supported on SharePoint 2013 when its released).

Not supported on Windows Server 2012 because Sharepoint is not currently supported – wait for Sharepoint SP2.

Upgrade paths direct to 6 from BP version 4 SP2. Moving from 4 and 5 will require upgrading SharePoint to 2010…first! If you’re dropping any Business Portal applications – uninstall them before upgrading. The sequence is:

….Upgrade to Sharepoint 2010, upgrade to GP 2013,  upgrade web services if in use, finally upgrade business portal.


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