Posted by: IS | April 19, 2013

GP Manufacturing Order to Sales Order link

One of those days. Took me an age to find the relevant table. Eventually copped on to myself and reached out to a pal in the US who didn’t even have to look at Resource Descriptions to tell me. For those in the same boat – here’s the answer.

When you create a newDynamics GP Manufacturing Order based on a Sales Order the link information is stored in table IS010001 (ICONrol Sales Order Line). Remember that each sales item line on a sales order will create an individual manufacturing order to make that product. So this table also stores the sales order line item sequence number.

A quick query (where ???? is the manufacturing order number) would look something like:


Additionally table WO010032 (Manufacture Order Master) may contain the Sales Order number in the DSCRIPTN field – if users haven’t overwritten the Description field when the manufacturing order is created.

Hopefully save someone some time!


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