Posted by: IS | September 14, 2012

Dynamics GP 12 – The Skinny. Part 1 – Additional Functionality.

In the first of four posts looking at Dynamics GP 12 (due for release H2 2012 – realistically with customers early in Q1 2013), I’ll detail some of the improvements billed for inclusion.

You know the great AR/AP to GL Reconciliation tool that identifies differences beteen the sub ledgers and the GL? Well its going to be expanded to the other two core subledgers – Inventory and Bank Rec. Thanks be to the all mighty!

Historical Journal Entry enquiry and select printer at report runtime, I have covered in a previous post. But what about printing SSRS reports direct from the interface? I.e. it doesn’t open an IE session – these reports will be rendered much the same way as the existing ‘Print To Screen’ output. The death of the GP report writer? – my guess is no. Its still required for producing the XML outputs for Word Templates, and to be honest its still a great tool – but we will probably see a move towards more SSRS integration and usage.

The OLE and Notes Container will stay , but there is a new guy in town called Document Attach – a seemingly richer tool to allow attachment of documents (pictures, contracts, etc) to transactions in GP.

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