Posted by: IS | September 14, 2012

Copy Company in PSTL – and European Functionality

The Dynamics GP Copy company utility that is now included in the Professional Services Tools Library is a great tool. You can create a new company in GP in the normal way, and then use this utility to copy set up data from an existing company. So things like Vendors, Customers, Inventory Items, GL accounts etc. get copied across, as do things like VAT Details and Schedules, Sales Document set up etc. Additionally you can copy across report options. Two things to watch out for though if you are operating in Europe.

If you use the VAT Daybook – the utility will not copy across the VAT setup – specificially the ‘Use VAT Daybook’ setting in Tools >> Setup >> System >> VAT Daybook. This is where you mark what companies will use this functionality. These settings (since they are held at a DYNAMICS database level), won’t be created for the new company. Also, you will need to set up the VAT Calendar for the new company.

Country codes are not copied accross. These will need to be set up manually in the new company.

Also – you may need to reset some document numbers. If the originating company is up to GL Journal number 189, then the Next GL Journal number in the new company will be 189. So – check the next GL, AR, AP, SOP, POP and inventory numbers before you start – you may want to reset these to ‘1’.

Remember PSTL is free to users on Dynamics GP 10 and 2010.

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