Posted by: IS | August 20, 2012

Perpetual Licencing – new pricing with Dynamics GP 2013

Its been so long since I posted, I forgot my Blog password. For someone who can still remember the registration number of my fathers 1970’s Rover 2000, that’s a significant memory lapse! All of which has nothing to do with the new licencing model for Dynamics GP 2013 announced by Microsoft. We all knew there were changes coming and prayed it would make entry more atractive to new users. The new licence model is called Perpetual Licencing and builds on the Business Ready Licence model.

Lets look at users first. Dynamics GP Users come in two flavours – Full Access Users and Limited Users. The concept of concurrent users doesn’t change – the number of licences purchased determines how many connections there can be at any one time – regardless of who is actually accessing.

Full Access Usesr have full access rights (Read and write) to all of the functionality through any means – be that the standard locally installed client, the new web client, sharepoint, web services, and any other connecting software.

Limited Access Users have full read, but limited write access rights, to all of the licenced functionality. What this means in practical terms is – these users can access all of the data available through the standard Locally installed client or the Web Client. They have however only write capability through the Time and Expense module. You can kind of see where this is aimed at – users such as maybe Sales People who need to enquire and print reports, and record their time and expense details.

Thats users…now for the more significant changes of how we licence functionality. Similarly with the current BRL licence model, there are two levels of licence available. Thats where the similarity largely ends.

Starter Pack– This includes core financial and distribution functionality, plus three Full Access Users. Its intention is to make Dynamics GP a more attractive prospect for smaller companies. The ‘smaller’ bit is covered by the 3 user licences – however there is nothing small about the levels of functionality included. Apart from the core financial (GL, Cash Flow, Fixed Assets, AR, AP, Multicurrency, Intercompany, Bank Reconciliation, Electronic Banking, Analytical Accounting etc)  and distribution modules (Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Management, Bill of Materials, Landed Cost, PO Generator, Time and Expense), the following are also included:

Unlimited Busines Portal users, Modifier with VBA, Customisation site licence and the Microsoft Dynamics GP connector.

Extended Pack –  All of the above plus unlimited Forecaster, Manufacturing Suite, Project Accounting, Additional supply chain functionality (Available to promise, Returns Management) and CRM (Note this is the inbuilt CRM within Dynamics GP…and NOT Microsoft CRM).

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is only available under the new Perpetual Licence model. Therefore existing customers will need to transition from BRL in order to upgrade. There are transition paths based on when your system was first registered – While details are still a bit hazy the key date is October 1 2012. If registered before this data (which is ALL current users of the system)…then you will follow the Licence Migration Transition model. This maps your current system to a new perpetual licence on a ‘same functionality or better’ basis but excluding any discontinued functionality.


  1. Hi Ian,
    I’m a bit worried about the new Perpetual Licensing model.. It got exposed to us by our MBS partner in November last year, but it was quite nebulous… This post makes it a bit more understandable. I contacted our partner about the keys for the new GP2013 in December and I was told that the keys are no longer going to be available thru the Customer Source portal and that we had to switch to the new licening model in order to get the new keys… Old GP keys will be retired and gone for good … no way to get back to GP2010R2… How am I going to test the new V12 and keep our current GP running in production ??? Microsoft needs to come up here with a good idea.

    • Hey Beat – hope all good with you and sorry for the late reply, a lot of spam comments to wade through. You can transition your licence model and get the new keys. You don’t have to upgrade to GP12…but to get the keys you must ask MS to transition. There may be a fee for this depending on your circumstances, but we have yet to come across a client who had to fork out. So, you can get the keys and stay on your current version. One issue – once you transition you cannot order any product for your current version. so, if you process the transition and get 2012 keys…and then decide you need 2 extra licences for your current install of say version 2010 – you won’t be able to order….you would need to upgrade to GP2012 and then order.

      • Thanks Ian,
        This was quite usefull… I do know now that I won’t upgrade our licenses until we’ve decided to go with… However, since I’m going to present some sessions at the GPUG Summit next month, I may want to install GP 2013 in demo mode (Fabrikam ?) on a virtual machine… Do you know if this requires any keys ?

      • Hi Beat – There is a virtual machine demo set for GP 2013 available to Partners. Contact the guys in MS and see will they release a copy? Or you could go for one of the 30 day trials?

  2. I’m in the process of setting up a VM on my laptop for the purpose of doing demos in Fabrikam… will install GP2013 on SQL2008R2 if I can make it run. Otherwise, yes I’m going to tap our partner to get my hands on the VM that MS provides. I’ll need a functional GP for the GPUG Summit at the end of the month. GPUG does’t provide any infrstructure like MS during Convergence :-).

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