Posted by: IS | June 6, 2011

Dynamics GP – Support Troubleshooting Tips

When you get an unexpected error in GP, right before you email your Partner, or log onto the Dynamics Community, its probably a good idea to do a bit of digging first. The very first questions you’re likely to be asked are ‘Is it the same for all users?…Does it happen if you log in as ‘sa?’, so a bit of preparation will shorten the resolution time and maybe even allow you to resolve the issue yourself. 

Some things you can try to narrow down the source of the problem:

1. The first thing is to be able to re-creat the error!! And when you do, take a screen shot of the error message (remember to scroll down through the message and get a screen shot of the rest of the message, and a shot of the data in the ‘Additional info.’ window if there is one). Gererally there is a clue in the error message (though not always) – Primary Key constraint, Violation of etc. all point to data corruption. Error in Equation is usually related to a calculated field on a modified report.

2. Log into a different company and see if the error occurs. This will narrow the issue down to a specific Company database, or if it is in all companies, its most likely a DYNAMICS database problem. If its a specific company, try running a Check Links against the relevant series /  table groups and see if this resolves the issue.

3. Log in as ‘sa’ and test for the error. If all is fine with the ‘sa’ login, then run the Grant.sql (located in the SQL sub folder of the GP application directory) – It may just be a table permissions issue within MSSQL.

4. If GP is installed on the Server, log into the server and repeat the test. Does it occur here? If not, then it could be an ODBC set up issue.  Also worth comparing the Server Dynamics.set file to that on the workstation at this stage. Is the server pointing to different locations for shared dictionaries? Or are there differences in the products listed between the two .set files?

5. Are all users receiving the same error? If not then it could be a GP User Security issue specific to the problem user. To debug, you need to find out whats different between the problem user and a good user. Start by ensuring that the problem user ID has the same access rights as the good user ID. First check the Modfied Forms and Reports ID that the good user has assigned (Tools >> Set Up >> System >> User), and compare this to the problem user. Check modified forms and reports for all products installed to ensure the correct access rights are assigned. If you can’t spot any differences that could be causing the error, set up a new user and go through your usual set up routines – adding security access  to companies and modified forms and reports etc. Does this new user get the same errors? If not, its definately a problem with the existing users security settings. You can try and trawl through SQL and GP Security, or take the ‘guaranteed to work’ option…delete and reset up the user.

6. Modified reports…If you are getting strange errors trying to print reports, the first thing to check is if the report has been modified. If it has, grant the user access back to the original version and try again. If the error disappears then its an issue with the modifictations. If it doesn’t then it could be an issue with the output (test printing to screen or file) or corrption in the underlying data.


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  2. […] Stewart has a nice post up on Dynamics GP – Support Troubleshooting Tips. This is something I’ve been toying with writing more about so it’s great to see this from […]

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