Posted by: IS | May 28, 2011

Office 365 and Dynamics GP – the skinny

Microsoft’s Office 365 offering is well documented on line. By now, most people are aware of it as Microsoft’s foray into the Cloud with their flagship office productivity tools.

But, if you’re a Dynamics GP user and are using the many MS Office integration points within GP to manage and project your business beyond GP, what are your options? If you switch to the Cloud, how will this affect current processes? Is this something you need to worry about?

Not according to the folks in Redmond. Their pronouncements on this are cut and dry. If you use GP and Office now, then if you switch to Office 365 there will be no change in experience usage. What you do now, you will be able to do in Office 365. Expect quite a bit of blogging on this topic over the coming months as more details emerge

And thats the skinny on Dynamics GP and Office 365!


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