Posted by: IS | April 17, 2011

Is it really 10 years?


Microsoft Dynamics GP - Great Plains Dynamics

Great Plains Dynamics

Yes it is!

Its 10 years since Microsoft acquired GP for about 1.1 Billion dollars plus change – or Great Plains Dynamics as it was back then. Based up in Fargo with Doug Burgum at the helm, running ‘Stampede’ every year. The highlight for the Irish contingent was the FRx Breakfast! (which ran from about 2am when the pubs closed, to the following morning). And it all started with the Burgum family developing a DOS based accounting package for themselves!! For GP back then, the partner channel really was the key that opened the door.

Some great milestones – remember eEnterprise? the 32 bit release? All the hoo hah over Y2K? (or as Morgan used to say ‘Y not?’), the Euro Conversion, Siebel Front Office, The acquisition of FRx? The Acquisition of Solomon (Dynamics SL), the first run of Multicurrency POP (Aaaaaghhh), The eCommerce module???? and all the while the lovely wav file welcoming you to dynamics every time you logged in.

According to Microsoft’s Steve Balmer at Convergence last week in Atlanta, GP had 30,000 customers world wide when Microsoft bought the company lock stock and barrell. Microsoft Dynamics now has 350,000 customers with over 5 Million users worldwide.

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