Posted by: IS | March 30, 2011

Multi Company Reporting in Dynamics GP 2010 R2

There are 12 new multi company report options included with Dynamics GP2010 R2. These can be rendered through SQL Reporting Services webpage, Sharepoint sites, Dynamics GP itself and the Business Analyser Desktop Application.

These new reports cover Financial, Sales and Purchasing Modules, and you can select which companies to report on. Once the report renders, you can drill down into individual companies for more detail. So, what do the look like? Here’s a sample.

Dynamics GP 2010 report multi company

Multicompany Sales Report - Dynamics GP2010


All good so far. However, with the canned reports we also have the ability to drill down to see detail, but also drill back to the GP 2010 client if the user needs to interrogate the data further. Now, drill down has been a standard feature of Dynamics GP since version 1 Рbut this was within the client. The addition of smart tag functionality gave access to GP data through applications like Word, Outlook etc. And now we can render SSRS reports throughout the organisation presented in whatever medium we prefer, and users can dig into the underlying GP data (security settings etc permitting of course!).

SSRS Report - Drill down into Dynamics GP 2010

Drill down into Dynamics GP 2010

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