Posted by: IS | March 25, 2011

Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – some snazzy new functionality…Report Templates

Yep – GP2010 Release 2 is around the corner and there are some gaps left by release 1 that are filled – Chief amongst them (for me anyway) is the Word Template Generator. By now users of GP2010 are familiar with Word Templates and the pre-packaged solutions for Sales Invoices, Statements, Despatch Notes etc (eh…Sales returns? where are they?) – The really great news is that Sales Returns are included in the standard templates with Release 2. But…we (we, being Partners) also get the Template Generator! Its a partner only tool – but it means we can create Word Templates for standard Dynamics GP2010 Reports without having to invest time in developing the reports from scratch.

The Word Template Generator allows us to print the standard GP2010 report in XML format, then run the Report Template Generator against this XML file to create the document template. You then assign this new template to the report in GP2010 and from there on its back to standard – using the Report drop down option to render / modify / ‘fancy up’ your report.

Next post I’ll be looking at the new canned SSRS reports and Business Analyser reports.


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