Posted by: IS | December 31, 2010

List of VAT Rate Changes throughout Europe.

Czech Republic No changes for 2011The government has flagged changes coming in 2012.
Cyprus Increase in VAT on Food and 5% – (previously 0%).
Greece Reduced rate increasing to 13% Super Reduced rate increases from 5.5% to 6.5%. (In certain Aegean islands – the above rates will now be 9% and 5% respectively).
Ireland No changes for 2011. (Watch out for a proposed increase in the standard rate in 2012 to 22% and a further increase in 2013 to 23%).
Latvia Standard rate moves to 22%. Reduced rate moves to12%.
Lithuania No changes announced yet although the Government has signalled a substantial review of its reduced rates. Probably during 2011.
Poland Standard Rate 23%. Reduced rate 1 will be 8% (the old 7% rate). Reduced rate 2 will be 5% (the old 3% rate). ** Watch for changes to the classification of goods and services – some will be switching rates in the new year).
Portugal Standard Portuguese rate moves to 23%. Autonomous regions standard rate (the old 15% rate) moves up to 16%.
Slovakia Standard rate moves up to 20%. No other changes expected.
Switzerland Standard rate moves to 8%. Reduced rate 1 (the old 2.4%) moves to 2.5%. Reduced rate 2 (the old 3.6) moves to 3.8%.
UK Standard rate increases to 20%.


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