Posted by: IS | February 21, 2010

Account is part of an unposted transaction and cannot be deleted

The first port of call was a checklinks on the financial series. Made no difference. I then ran a reconcile on the financial series and repeated the checklinks for good measure. No difference. I then had the idea that maybe the fact that the accounts were entered in the default postings window ( Tools >> Setup >> Posting >> Posting accounts), was causing problems, so I deleted them from this window…made no difference. Racked my brain thinking where else general ledger accounts could be hard coded in GP (no debtors, creditors or items set up yet, so no default posting accounts set up for them)…and remembered the Quick Journal functionality. Checked here and there were three quick journals set up thathad been copied across from the old company. Deleted these quick journal templates…tried to delete the accounts and hey presto most of them were deleted, leaving just 5 accounts where I was still getting the error. At this stage searched on line to no avail, so decided to to MSSQL.

First I ran ‘SELECT * FROM GL00100’ (account master)  and ‘SELECT * FROM GL00105’  (Account Index Master) against the new company database. I noted down the Dex_Row_id’s of the 5 errant General Ledger Accounts in each table. I then ran DELETE GL10100 WHERE DEX_ROW_ID = ‘??’,  and the same against the GL00105 table, replacing the ?? with the dex_row_id’s in each case.

Back into Dynamics GP, ran a checklinks against the financial series to make sure the accounts would not be re-created, and then deleted each one in turn.

Now, the problem is, what kind of an issue exists in the old company. The Financial and Company series of this new company were an exact copy of the old. No transactions or anything else was entyered in the new company, so there must be an issue that got carried across. Another days work…


  1. I have the same issue. I ran profiler. There’s something in the Budget tables still referring to that account. So I had to clear out the budget. In my example, the record is in the XLImport table

    • Thanks for the info. You could export the budget and reimport after the issue is resolved?

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