Posted by: IS | January 18, 2010

A Save operation on table GL_Account_MSTR (45) & Dynamics.dbo.aagGetCompanyStatus…when trying to add a new GL account code

To resolve, install a fresh instance of GP on a different machine and choose to install Analytical Accounting. Then run utilities, add the sample company data (even though I don’t think this is required), and close out of utilities. Then go to MSSQL Management Studio, expand the DYNAMICS database, clicked on Programability, and then Stored Procedures. Here you will find the aagGetCompanyStatus stored procedure.

Right click on this and select ‘Script stored procedure as’ >>’Create To’ >> ‘New Query Editor Window’.

Copy the contents of this new query window, and paste it into a query window in the instance where you get the error. Run it against the DYNAMICS database, to create the missing stored procedure. You will now be able to add accounts, debtor, creditors.

How this happened to me is, we copied a company database from one server and restored it into an (almost) identical server. Seperate machine, but same versions of MSSQL, GP etc. The one difference is that the original server had Analytical Accouting installed. I could have just installed AA on the new server I suppose, but the client doesn’t use it, and I was doing it remotely, so it would have taken a long time to upload the GP install CD’s (no one on site to put the CD in the drive of the server!!). There are two more stored procedures created by the AA install at the DYNAMICS level, and I set these up in the new server for good measure (although the problem was solved by the first SP).

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