Posted by: IS | December 19, 2009

Clear activity on Bank Management doesn’t.

When you get this message in Bank Management, usually first noticed in the Chequebook Maintenance window, its normally caused by a network error or as the result of a workstation or system crash. The first port of call will always be to clear the Bank Management activity using the standard routine – Tools >> Routines >> Financial >> Bank Management >> Clear Activity.

However in some cases this will not actually clear the activity file, presumbly down to the nature and extent of the ‘damage’ caused by the system error. To clear the activity file manually, have everyone log out of GP (you could do it with users still in, however its much safer this way…users have a tendancy to forget that they were told to stay out of a company, or the bank management module, until further notice!!), log into MSSQL and open query analyser. The Bank Management activity file is CBEU1020.

A quick ‘select * from CBEU1020’ query will show you the stranded user. Note down their Dex_Row_ID. Then run ‘delete * from CBEU1020 where Dex_Row_ID = ‘???’ . Make sure you run it against the relevant company database , and always do a back up before you run queries that update tables.  You should now be able to access that bank account / reconciliation.


  1. Just tried thsi, had this problem for 2 weeks and couldn’t fix. fixed now. thx.

  2. Yes, same issue. Nothing on customersource. Thanks!

  3. Yes solved! Fond your post the first time. Very good help.

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