Posted by: IS | December 10, 2009

Update to Dex.ini – this one’s a cracker!

Thanks to Vaidy, I visited Leslie Vails Dynamics Confessor Blogspot and found this little gem. New in version 10, you can now tell the dex.ini where to create reports and forms dictionaries for exploding chunks. No need to explode your chunk and┬áthen edit your dynamics.set anymore.┬áMake the pathname a central shared folder and away you go. Copied straight from Leslie’s blog – no apologies!!


These are new for version 10 and welcomed with open arms! These lines tell dexterity where the forms/reports should default to when installing a new .cnk file. Switch it to a shared location for a shared forms/reports.dic and any new dictionary applications that are installed will default to that location instead of the client installation folder.

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