Posted by: IS | October 17, 2009

Dex.ini – punches above its weight

For years I laboured away in ignorance until I found a simple solution to a big problem by editing the dex.ini. This whetted my appetite for more! The list of settings below is not exhaustive but hopefully gives you some idea of the power of this little file.

  • To stop the date change dialogue box appearing at midnight – SuppressChangeDateDialog=TRUE (Good if you have any macro’s etc that will run through midnight)
  • Increase / Decrease the number of log in attempts before GP exits – SQLNumLoginTries = number
  • To stop all print dialogue boxes appearing – NoPrintDialogs=TRUE
  • Turn off the date warning message in the sample company – SampleDateMsg=FALSE
  • Add an extra window that displays more detailed information to the Process Monitor – QueueMoreInfo=TRUE
  • GL distributions created by an Inventory Cost Adjustment will be posted in detail (rather than the default summary) REVALUEINDETAIL=TRUE
  • Display all menu items even when a user doesn’t have access to the functionality. This does not override security settings, it just displays all items – ShowAllMenuItems=TRUE
  • Increase / decrease the timeout when waiting to connect to an ODBC. The default timeout is 15 seconds – SQLLoginTimeout = ?(enter the number in seconds)
  • Explode chunk files automatically. Don’t ask for user confirmation when launching GP – AutoInstallChunks=TRUE (stop users clicking ‘No’…sometimes you just gotta do it).
  • Force GP to use the date format dd/mm/yy instead of defaulting the date settings from the PC – StdInternationalInfo=TRUE  (Really useful in international installs. Common DB, but the guys in the US want US format for their company…and the guys in Europe want European format…have 2 Dex.ini’s – ideal if you’re using RDP).
  • Stop all warning sounds – SuppressSound=TRUE
  • When you print a report to a file, all report body fields will print on a single line – ExportOneLineBody=TRUE  (Regardless of how you’ve laid the report out).
  • Set a magnification setting for reports printed to screen – MagnifyScreenOutput=100
  • Cause smartlists to export foreign currency amounts to Excel as amounts instead of text – ExplorerFormatCurrency=FALSE
  • Turn on the advanced macro feature – ShowAdvancedMacroMenu=TRUE
  • Suppress the dialogue box that asks you if you want to open standard or advanced security – WDC_SecurityDisableWarning=TRUE
  • Stop GP checking version compatibility when launched. Should only be used for temporary debugging and not in a production environment – SkipVersionChecks=TRUE


  1. Hi Ian,

    Great collection of Dex.ini switches. On the similar line, Leslie Vail has got her series of articles covering some very rare switches. You may want to have a look at it.


  2. Thanks for the links and information Vaidy.

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