Posted by: IS | June 14, 2009

File Creation DateTime must not be future DateTime

But…like a lot of issues…the answer was simple.

My customer is based in Ireland. They pay suppliers in the US through a US bank. EFT is the way to go, so we use the standard GP functionality to produce an ACH file…but when we runit by the banks online file verification we get the above error. Lots of hair tearing later…and I finally found the issue. The PC that the EFT file is being created on uses CET time. Therefore when GP launches, GP uses this same time. Therefore when the FT file is created…CET date time stamp is used in the file. But! the on line verification uses US time…so its about 5 hours behind!…when it looks at the eft file…it sees a time in the future and rejects the file.

Solution? at the moment there is no way to offset the file creation time in GP…so the next best is to set the PC that creates the EFT file to use US time. Only a problem if the user works late!!

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