Posted by: IS | May 22, 2009

It might be the perfect time to upgrade your Financial Software

Now more than ever you need to automate those people hungry tasks. Something as simple as creating automatic EFT files for transmission to your bank rather than having someone log on to your banks on-line system and manually process each creditor payment.

When business is booming we don’t always have the time to keep up to date with the housework, and a new Finance System (and the perceived hassle of the implementation) gets put down the list. Now, with an easier operating enviornment, and breathing space at last, it is the ideal time to tackle just this kind of project when you can devote that extra bit of management time required for the project to be successful.

Any IT partner worth its salt has discounted their prices at this stage and are open to negotiation, thus reducing your potential investment and shortening the ROI on software projects.

With redundancies and job losses, organisations still have to maintain competitiveness with less resources available. Search for an IT Partner offering more cost effective enhancement and support contracts. These IT partners see opportunities in the current downturn and are ‘hoovering’ up business dropped by less responsive / less flexible competitors. For you it could be time to investigate your optionsand partner with an organisation that is still going to be alive in 5 years time.

Financial System providers have one big resource…their people…without them and their experience, these organisations cease to function. Good people are hard to find, and very good people are like gold dust. They are loathe to let these people go especially if they are bullish on the global economy. It takes time to ramp up a consulting force that you can trust to do a good job. Use this. Providers are far more likely to negotiate if it means they can get their people earning consulting income – even if its just enough to cover their personnell costs.

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