Posted by: IS | March 14, 2009

What is the autocreate bin? why have I stock in this location?

The ‘Autocreate’ bin location gets created when you first enable the Multiple Bins functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Any transactions that do not have a bin assigned, automatically get posted to the ‘Autocreate’ bin.

You can delete any Bin location once the following three criteria are met. 1. There must be no inventory quantity in the bin, 2. It must not be the default bin location for any site, 3. There must be no unposted transactions with quantities for this bin.

You can post any unposted transactions (or change the bin location on these and leave them unposted), you can transfer on hand quantities out using the Inventory Transfer window, and you can remove the bin from being the default bin for a site. Then use the Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Utilities >> Inventory >> Remove Bins functionality to remove the bin location record.

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