Posted by: IS | February 20, 2009

How to remove the CEIP task on a new installation – from techknowledge

Run the following in query analyser o remove the customer experience improvement task.

set nocount on
declare @Userid char(15)
declare cCEIP cursor for 
  select A.USERID
  from SY01400 A left join SY01402 B on A.USERID = B.USERID and B.syDefaultType = 48
  where B.USERID is null or B.SYUSERDFSTR not like ‘1:%’
open cCEIP
while 1 = 1
 fetch next from cCEIP into @Userid
 if @@FETCH_STATUS <> 0 begin
  close cCEIP
  deallocate cCEIP

 if exists (select syDefaultType from DYNAMICS.dbo.SY01402 where USERID = @Userid and syDefaultType = 48)
  print ‘adjusting ‘ + @Userid
  update DYNAMICS.dbo.SY01402
  set SYUSERDFSTR = ‘1:’
  where USERID = @Userid and syDefaultType = 48
 else begin
  print ‘adding ‘ + @Userid
  insert DYNAMICS.dbo.SY01402 ( USERID, syDefaultType, SYUSERDFSTR )
  values ( @Userid, 48 , ‘1:’ )
end /* while */
set nocount off

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